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Thursday, June 18, 2009

hold me to it!

I am going to start posting again.

I am writing that here so that you will hold me to it.

First off, I will start writing what the contents is of my household's farmshare from Stone Soup Farm is every week. Sarah emily is getting a different farmshare now that she has moved to jp, so hopefully she will post too, and we can compare the bounties of our farmshares!

second, I am going to have to cook the food, so I'll post about it.

So: the first week was last week, and I don't totally remember, but here's my vague understanding (Jarrett & Annie actually brought us our share, and then we made dinner).

bok choi
baby greens salad mix
8 grain bread (from ... I can't remember the bakery)
eggs (from stone soup! they are so cute and differently sized and stuff)
there was more, but memory is failing me...

anyways, we made a salad and a dinner of black rice, black beans, and sauteed spinach and bok choy and it was delicious!

week 2:
strawberries again!
garlic scapes (a LOT of them. look for a post on garlic scape pesto soon)
zucchini & summer squash
red lettuce
salad mix
mint (there were other options... sage and parsley, I think)
some kind of delicious white bread
kale (we had a chard option too)

I know I am forgetting things but...

it's a start!