All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. ~John Gunther

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

stone soup breakfast - eggs!

So our farmshare from Stone Soup Farm is gifting us with delicious eggs this year that are from the chickens they have been raising on the farm!

gina marie and roommate emily and I went and saw the chickens earlier this spring.

Here is a gratuitous picture of gina marie and baby cows.

After our first farmshare delivery, I decided to whip up a little sandwich for myself in the morning. fresh spinach, cheddar cheese. A perfect egg. a little pepper and salt.

We are getting delicious bread from El Jardin bakery with the farmshare as well, so I sliced that up. this one is 8 grain.

I spread the spinach and cheese from the pan onto the bread

plus egg, and voila! delicious.

A few days later, I had some of that odd pesto I had made, and so I made another breakfast sandwich. this one was sans spinach, plus tomato and pesto. and on different a country loaf type deal.

I love eggs.

adventures in pesto

we got a lot of garlic scapes a few weeks ago. I had seen a mention of garlic scape pesto, and decided to make it. Without really consulting a lot of recipes. It turns out that it's a little harsh without any basil, but it worked okay.

My pesto was basically the followwing things combined in the magic bullet: olive oil, chopped garlic scapes, slivered almonds, microplaned pecorino romano, salt, pepper. and I just added until it seemed pretty good. It was a little harsh on its on, but really mellowed when cooked with veggies and made into a pasta sauce.

Gina then made delicious pesto. I hope she posts about it. hers was better than mine. I have things to learn!

strawberry jam

The other day, I went strawberry picking with gina marie and chloe elizabeth (of Greetings from the Chaise Lounge) and we got some delicious, although slightly waterlogged, strawberries.

It has been raining a lot here. The raining means that the strawberries are not as sweet as they could be, and go bad fast. The solution?

Make jam. and spread it on toast. (farmshare bread toast.)

to make the jam: take the tops off the strawberries. but them in a saucepan. add a tiny bit of water from your emptied wineglass and a healthy helping of sugar. turn the heat on low. stir. when they're a little soft, use the handblender to puree - defending yourself from strawberry stains with a pot lid. continue to heat and occasionally add a little sugar until it's a little darker and has a nice consistency. pour into tupperware and refrigerate

Let gina marie lick the pot.

Put on toast for breakfast.